God’s Call to Serve

As children of God, we are called to act in His image. We are called to be involved in works of ministry, meaning giving back through service. At Hudson Church, we have several opportunities to perform God’s work, through Youth, Community Outreach, Health, Prison, and International ministries.

Giving Back Through Christ

We were given life by Christ Jesus in order to contribute to the world in positive ways. We are called to give back to God after He gave us the most beautiful gift of all, life. Our ministry programs are available to all worshippers in order to serve. Youth members are provided with annual and semi-monthly programs to give back. Incarcerated individuals are brought the message of salvation by those members who wish to partake in our Prison Ministry at Hudson Church.  The Community Outreach Program fuses Christ’s church and the surrounding community together. Our International Program allows for worshippers to attend service trips abroad, with locations including the Jerusalem and Cuba. All of these ministries fall within God’s plan for us to act in His image.


When the lord Jesus was on Earth, he performed many miracles in order to help those less fortunate. He never turned his back to those who were in need. He was always performing ministries in the image of our Father and giving back to His community. Doing so allowed for Him to be close to His Father and fulfill His mission. In this way, we can also become closer to God by performing services. We please God by following in His plan for us and showing our gratefulness for His gift of life through our ministries. By doing so, we show our care for the world that He created for us to live in and enjoy.

Join Hudson Church

If you feel inclined to join any of our ministries at Hudson Church, we would love to have you. These ministries give us new opportunities to become closer with God. You may feel that you are performing a service for others, but you will soon realize that those you are helping reciprocally help you, leaving you with a sense of contentment and gratification.

Hudson Church is located in Guttenberg, NJ and is lead by Pastor Rene Abreu. If you are interested in joining, please feel free to come to any of our services or events, or give us a call at 201-616-7004, to inquire more.


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