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“Hudson Church is a Non-Demoninational Christian Church headed by Pastor Rene Abreu. Our mission at Hudson Church is to teach, equip, and send out disciples to be about our Father’s business; which is to seek and save the lost, guided by the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ name”

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Rene Abreu is the founder and senior pastor of Hudson Church, in Guttenberg, New Jersey. An experienced Real Estate professional he was drawn to help people from his experience of life's up and down but never giving up - picking up from where he left, he is a man of honor who imparts the Lords message to people who believe in the all mighty. He was born on July 2nd, 1961 in Nice, France. Rene Abreu is the youngest of 5 brothers, and 2 sisters. A product of various Hudson County public school systems, Abreu also attended St. Peter’s College. Pastor Abreu accepted the Lord in July of 2002, at Crenshaw Christian Center East, under the spiritual guidance of Apostle Fredrick K.C. Price. From there his faith took off, and by 2004, Pastor Abreu started teaching his own respective bible study classes out of his office in northern New Jersey. In the same year, under the spiritual guidance of CCCE’s Senior Pastor Allen Landry, together they formed a Businessmen’s Bible Study group.


In August of 2006 Pastor Rene Abreu was called to co-lead at Fairton Prison Christian Church. There he taught services in both Spanish and English. By 2009, the Lord promoted him to head Fairton Church. He led there until 2011. Many souls were saved, and people were baptized by the Holy Spirit. In October of 2011, Pastor Rene Abreu started Rene Abreu Christian Ministries. R.A.C.M. held weekly bible study classes in English and in Spanish. Also at this time, Rene Abreu Christian Ministries partnered and supported several other known ministries through donations and contributions.


In 2012, the Lord moved Pastor Rene Abreu to launch Hudson Church out of West New York, New Jersey. He was further led by the Holy Spirit to serve the spiritual needs of the faithful, particularly in Hudson County. Hudson Church currently holds weekly Bible Studies and Sunday Services both in English and in Spanish. 


Aside from the ministry, Pastor Rene Abreu is the proud father of two children; his daughter Alexis and son Rene II. Pastor Rene Abreu has also been successfully self-employed in the real estate business; building and owning new homes and high risers in northern New Jersey since 1985. Pastor Abreu continues to prosper as a real estate developer, landlord and Sr. Pastor in the great commission. He has purpose in his heart to use the success the Lord has blessed him with to build up Gods kingdom through the simple knowledge of Jesus the Christ.

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